Breathe Easy Knowing Your Indoor Air Is Safe

Arrange for indoor air quality testing services in the Bloomsburg & Danville, PA area

A quality HVAC system should provide more than just comfort. Poor airflow and unfiltered air circulation can lead to dangerous conditions inside your home or office. Are you sure the air you're breathing is clean? Gain peace of mind with indoor air quality testing from Robert G. Dent Heating & A/C, Inc.

Our fast and reliable testing equipment will identify any dangerous contaminants you might be breathing. Then, we can offer targeted solutions to improve your air quality.

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How to tell if you need a humidifier installation

Winters in central PA can be brutal. But did you know some common winter ailments are caused by dry air? Schedule a humidifier installation if you often suffer from:

  • Cracked and bleeding lips
  • Raw, red or peeling skin
  • A sore throat every morning
  • Frequent shocks

In addition to humidifier installations, we can also provide a variety of other solutions to improve your indoor air quality year round.