Remove Harmful Contaminants Trapped in Your Ductwork

Rely on us for vent or airduct cleaning services in the Bloomsburg & Danville, PA area

Even the most efficient HVAC unit isn't going to be much use if your delivery system is clogged or dirty. If your air ducts haven't been cleaned in years, you could be allowing mold, dust and other contaminants to build up and recirculate. Contact Robert G. Dent Heating & A/C, Inc. for professional vent cleaning services in the Bloomsburg, PA area.

A patented HEPA-AIRE system from Abatement Technologies can rid your heating and cooling system of pollutants and leave the air in your home fresh and clean. Call now to schedule an air duct cleaning at your home.

The top 3 benefits of air duct cleaning

Air duct cleaning services can make a serious positive impact on your health and comfort levels. You'll experience:

  1. Fewer allergies and reduced irritation - dirty air ducts contain contaminants and pathogens that can cause asthma complications.
  2. A reduction in unpleasant odors - over the years, your ductwork can trap odors inside your home that will only continue to build up.
  3. Improved efficiency - your HVAC system has to work harder to push air through dirty vents and ducts. You'll see lower energy bills after a thorough system cleaning.

We offer free estimates on all of our vent cleaning services. Reach out today to find out about our affordable rates.